Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rushing without running

Time to discover the wilder
side of yourself. Time to
learn what matters from your
Own mistakes. Time to listen
to answer like a human being.

It’s never to late to
start what you intend
to achieve.

Take your time, you don’t
have to be as non-stop
As the world nowadays.

Vinicius Porto de Avila London 19/08/06

Strugling to live on

That was a night like any other ever seen.
Darkness had already arrived with his full strength
Wind could be heard blowing
His way through the buildings
somehow we could notice (that)
strange feelings surrounded
our looks.

Was it something new, revitalizing?
Have you ever catched youself
Thinking about thougths
You couldn’t explain?

I got it, it was my farewell
Coming closer and closer.

Nine months it’s a long time
some may say
Not anymore, at least
not on my mind.

Vinicius Porto de Avila     London  19/08/06

Portovenere, Liguria - Italia

Veramente una bella spiagia!!!

Construção - Diretor Cristiano Burlan. Primo e amigo.


Tears, falling down constantly
Feelings, into my soul recently
You, all over me since....

I knew, Pherhaps, you as well
There was something trying
to tell us both

As finally happens, no doubts
That thing started to burn...
As long as we keep that
Flame up and alive
unbetable we will feel.

Vinicius Porto de Avila  03/10/06  London